GGrep handles search configuration and preparation, and oversees searching each file:

· Prepares defaults for all options,

· Parses command line option switches,

· Calls RegExp to compile the RE text specification,

· Hands the compiled RE to ScanFile to prepare for the search, and

· Invokes the file search for each filename on the command line.

Note that Platform gets control before GGrep's main routine, and handles module instantiation and platform-specific system configuration.

Public routines:

Init -- Prepare module for operation

main -- Co-ordinate execution of program

Private routines:

ReadREFromFile -- Use first line of file as RE

ReturnCode -- Allow other modules to write program return

Usage -- Tell the user what we expect

Version -- Report program version and other info

OptiOpts -- Parse options to enable/disable optimisations

ConvertLongOption -- Translate "--LongName" options